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Young Tender (YT)

by Connie T.C.

OK, let’s be clear on the definition of the YT. The YT is more than your average
20 something type of guy. He’s a rare breed of man who can only be plucked and
procured at a special time of the year; preferably right before the snow
begins to fall and one begins to feel the craving for tender young meat that
often settles in with the season’s cold winds. The YT is short for a “young tender”
similar in experience to young chicken, not yet toughened by too many days on
the farm, still young, supple and soft, making for a delightful taste
experience when paired with a fine wine or something else of
comparable sensuous and decadent nature. The YT, in its youth and
beauty, is to be fully enjoyed and imbibed, appreciated for no more or
less than that which it is. The YT will eagerly command tricks to
raise even the most experienced brow and will be an enthusiastic
audience for any feats that one might feel inclined to bestow on the
YT. Take the experience of a YT as one of the great pleasures of life,
a fine meal, a young, but mature wine to be enjoyed by the warmth of a
non-functioning fireplace here or there. The YT is and will
remain a delicacy, a young tender reminder that life is good,
innocence still abounds, and beauty will remain ageless when reflected
in the eyes of the YT. The YT’s wish is your command, so
enjoy your date and revel in the gems that will inevitably
fall from the mouth of the YT. This is the
legacy of the YT. “