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Simple Revelation

by KAR
Here I sit
by myself
little old
a distant deep
and quiet
a noiseless
I love the steady rhythm
the gleam within my paths
endless in one direction
and I never have to ask
I sit
by myself
yet it has always been this way
the same stone that used to trap me
is my pedestal today
I can’ t stop my smiling
each new thing
Is not quite what it seemed
it feels good with no dead questions
only life to span each wing
the bright and breadth I hadn’ t noticed

I had never looked before
sore eyes tired, life too busy
in the constant search for more
But somewhere in the dim of dawn
a quiet called my name
I let go
of grasping hands
and looked at what remained
An end and a beginning
I sat suddenly
in awe
the vastness set before me.
the freedom of it all.
Here I sit
by myself
little old me
nothing to stop
my naked dance
or tame my harmony
a woman’ s revelation
there’ s nothing more I need
all paths in one direction….