Broken Nostalgia

by KAR

(The Sade of Poetry…)

Bloody tears drop
A new color
Their new brightness pricks my mind
Red wine bends them
And they blend endlessly
within a tease of yesterday’s sun
within a blind dark room
where whispers sang serenades of new thought
of wandering words and quivering limbs
of all hidden things revealed
and some fresh things uncovered
of hot and cold
and smooth soft skin against skin
the push of new beginnings and the pull of never ending ends
a fresh whirlwind of moments
time’s sweet escape
we lay
in the center of nowhere
everything full
warm moments erupting
they have spilled over
their ripeness confusing
outside rash intrusion
accepted readily
digested steadily and I waver
as serenades slide into silent screams of the now
the pungent words of others
the venom of their intention
and your veins bleed red on the paper
from the gifts I have for you
not what you were ever really thinking
but something you always knew…
and you abide-

One Response to Broken Nostalgia

  1. Large fan of this blog, a number of your articles have seriously helped me out. Looking towards up-dates!

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