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Portion Control

Dieting is a lot like dating. Both take discipline. Both suck after about a week. Both can leave you slightly annoyed, or malnourished. And as difficult as both can be, I’m finding that I lack portion control with either one.

If someone drops a 12 ounce steak in front of me, I’m likely to enjoy the entire thing. But strangely, if only 6 ounces of the same is put before me, I will gobble it up and feel equally satisfied. I have no sense of portions. It’s really only about whatever is on my plate for dinner.

This has translated into the dating realm as well. What happens is I attempt to “control” my experience by controlling my portions (the men). I don’t go for guys who are too flashy or attractive because I’m worried that I will be worried. I don’t want the stress of pulling my hair out, knowing that women are going to be throwing themselves at him left and right, and wondering about whether he’s cheating. But what I’ve realized is, no matter who is put in front of my face, I will play out the same drama, live out the same experiences, assume the same things! Whether it’s 6 ounces or, 12 ounces, young and tender or dry and aged, grilled or broiled, I will end up feeling the same way.

The light at the end of this road is two-fold. First, I’ve learned that there’s no need to worry. I might as well go for the 12 ounce ☺ (being as they cost the same). Second, I have really been opened up to my actual potential for unconditional love. The heftiness of a 12 ounce steak aside, I’m certain I could love a 6 ounce just as much. Or a lamb chop. Or a dish of whole wheat pasta. Whatever. I know that I can be fully satisfied with what’s on my plate.

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  1. I really liked your blog! It helped me alot… Awesome. Exactly what I was looking for. Thanks!

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