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The Ole Master/ Servant Dynamic Rears It’s Head…

Why do men in powerful positions have so much difficulty keeping it in their pants? Or dealing discreetly with their desires? As a matter of fact, it seems like there’s an inverse relationship between wielding control over others and exercising control over ones self. No clearer is this seen than in the latest incidents involving powerfully positioned politicians. The first to rear it’s ugly head (literally speaking) was the situation involving the man A Schwarz. Ahhhnold. The man from Austria who came to America, began a career in bodybuilding, acting, and ended up living the American dream. But the American dream is rooted in a nightmare. An inconvenient little gaping fact from which we toss and turn and hide under the goose down comfort of the Obama election. But despite the fact that we are all now “safe and secure” from the legacy of slavery, why is it that the dynamics born through this era continue to follow us throughout time?

What did Ahnold do? Despite his wife and children, he had inappropriate sexual relations with his maid. Sexual relations that led to the procreation of offspring. “Men” taking advantage of their position to satisfy their urges with women who are their servants is nothing new. In fact it reeks of the same power dynamic played out many years ago through the institution of slavery. Good ole American slavery. That little itty bitty institution. It was harmless really. Hardly even an institution. More like a community college. But back in those days, land masters would CONSTANTLY have inappropriate sexual relations with their servants (I guess, if you want to call rape inappropriate…) Why did they do this? For many reasons. To assert their ‘dominance,’ because it was fiscally rewarding (the resulting offspring would be considered ‘black’ and thus legal property which they could sell to make money) and because… well because they could.

Here’s a tidbit of info to chew on: In the antebellum South, virtually every plantation produced mixed-race children. The 1860 census classified 588,532 persons as mulattoes, largely the offspring of illicit master/slave relations. According to historian Edward E. Baptist (Cornell University) throughout the U.S. slave trade certain slaves were termed “fancy maids” to refer to women considered sex workers first and housekeepers second.

This is not to say the A-shcwarz fits neatly into this dynamic. Clearly there are differences, however the inclination to release the pits and dredges of ones sexual desire onto someone who has less power, is just horrid. It’s not like he was taking her out, wining and dining her and they made a mistake, no. She was the servant, and he continually did what he wanted with her, without protection, for years.

Let’s consider the Strauss-Khan incident. What did this guy do? Despite his wife and children, he had inappropriate sexual relations with his maid (I just cut and pasted that sentence from above). This time it was sodomy, and the woman was forced (allegedly I should say). Underlying this is the same damn impulse. That there are certain women that these guys feel like they can do whatever they please with. And although the Weiner debacle is a bit different, there’s primary color that leaves the same stain. I find it more than coincidental that all of the women being defiled in these instances are women of color. Not that this is necessary for this dynamic to occur, and CERTAINLY not that men don’t disrespect women across the board. However, the Strauss-Kahn and A. Schwarz situations (at least) are examples of dirty heels dragging in the mire of a pernicious history that has degraded certain classes of women. In a lovely turn of events, it’s nice to know that Weiner’s sexual tweets to Genette Cordova (a young African American student/ supporter) is what precipitated his ‘outing’ as a perv (more to come on the Weiner debacle…)

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  1. The foremost reason men become likeable and powerful is to “get some”. Men become charismatic and gain power to woo women and to reap the benefits that come along with them. It should come as no surprise that the “Weiner’s” of the world display this type of behavior. Without these benefits, I think you would find that men would not reach or attain positions of power. This is no fluke
    The way I see it, we wake up every day and try and balance God given desire that were given to us that has allowed us to flourish for millions of years with, the religious s value system that was put into place that has lead to security, stability, and further optimized growth within a society . In today’s modern society, I think it is time to investigate system, it needs some revamping. Sex is not dirty and I think we should adjust with the times and put less weight and negative energy into something that is natural and beautiful.
    We have only recently become a civilized society within the past few hundred years. Our minds have not caught up to our bodies desires. Our value system has gifted to us a guilty conscience, this was given to us be the puritanical folks that preceded us. American values originated in a time where land ownership and the need to pass along resources were vital. However, for millions of years that we have been hard wired to reproduce & and keep it moving. We cannot overcome these carnal desires in a few hundred years because those in power seek to control productivity & resources. The value system that has been imposed on us today benefits those in power and leadership, and they need to be questioned.

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