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Top Ten Signs that it’s Not a Good Relationship

Top ten signs it’s not a good relationship:

  • Your overanalyzing everything.

If you have to think too hard about what he’s doing and what certain things mean, you’re setting yourself up.

  • Your frowning more than smiling.

Go look in the mirror. Do you look happy or stressed out? Are you able to enjoy the present moment? Or are you in your head and distant?

  • You worry that he’s not being honest about his whereabouts.

Whether it’s your own trust issues, or he’s actually untrustworthy, this is not a good sign.

  • He makes you feel self- conscious.

If he’s overly judgmental or outright disrespectful, it’s not worth the discomfort or the burden on you.

  • His ex-girlfriend is still in the picture.

Run… run for the hills!!! Seriously.

  • One sided conversations.

Either one person is being overbearing, or one person doesn’t care. Both are bad news.

  • Having the same argument, or arguing over dumb ishh.

If you’re arguing over minutia, there is a deeper problem. Figure it out or  bounce.

  • You want physical closeness, but are not getting much affection.

May be emotional unavailability, or he is just not that into you. Or maybe he is simply not affectionate. Whatever the reason this can be enormously frustrating.

  • You don’t respect the person.

Even if he’s nice. Even if he gives you what you always thought you wanted, if you don’t respect him, you won’t be happy with things.

  • You think you can change him.

Some basic training maybe, but you should be prepared to love and accept someone the way they are now.

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  1. I can honestly say that I have probably experienced each and every one of the signs. Not all in same relationship (thank God), but I say, if one of the 10 signs is present in your relationship, GET OUT before you feel you have invested too much in the relationship to start all over with someone new.

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