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TOP TEN SIGNS That He’s a Cheap Bastard

• He wants to continue to get to know you over coffee
• He mistakenly forgets his wallet home
• He won’t have a drink on the date
• It’s okay for you to leave the tip
• He breaks out a calculator to quantify the tip amount
• He expects to go dutch
• He reminds you of how much money he has spent
• He avoids potentially expensive activity that you’re interested in
• He offers to cook for you at his house one of your first dates (i.e. heat up a pizza)
• He drives ridiculously far away from wherever you guys are trying to get to save 5% on parking.


2 Responses to TOP TEN SIGNS That He’s a Cheap Bastard

  1. This set of questions and answers are deeply troubling. They presume that the male-dominated model of relationships is not only the norm, but that it is the only legitimate model. Rather than consider real-life ways of relating to one another beyond hollywood’s fairytales, this post believes the hype that some “knight in shining armor” will sweep a fair virgin off her waiting feet.”. Come on, Y’all. Maybe that happens for some, but it doesn’t for most that I know. If you find a man or woman who is fiscally responsible, you’re a fool if you let em go because they ain’t poppin bottles of alize on the first date and they shiny rims ain’t spinnin and blingin!.

  2. Fiscally responsible is one thing, cheap is another! It’s not about poppin Alize (alize, lol) but about showing the woman that she’s worth being taken care of… or worth showing a really good time, and that she matters more than what’s in your wallet…

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