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The Death of Me

The Death Of Me

Im dying the same death
Im dying the same death
Over and over
In tears, sweat, vomit, bullshit, numbness and
Cycles that expand and contract
Picking up dust
Letting off steam
Rolling nowhere
Through clouds and waves
Laughter and thunder
Looking watching wanting waiting
Wanting waiting wanting
Wading through heaven and treachery
Murky deep confusion
Feels nice
The stinging
Hot cold
Im sinking
Floating down or rising above
But always in between
Kicking dancing
The same routine I’m a master
A death pro
Had an audience
Dark blue faces I don’t remember
They haunt me they want me
The same desire as I
Its putrid, stagnant
Stuck still in the edge of a cycle rolling
Always back around coming
And going
and in between dying
the same death
and crying the last breath in between
the last lesson unlearned
before and in between after
and always again
never stops
the clocks rock in a mirror of eternity
and rolling
revealing the same steps
and dying the same death
so easy
so right
facing death, ending life
over and over
and what will I give?
What will I sacrifice?
Only myself.
Over and over
I’m dying the same death
Until I’m dead…

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