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Man repellent?

Are cats some sort of harbinger of male detachment? Or are they more of an after effect? A comforting replacement for something that’s missing? I have a cat that came into my life as a relationship was ending. It was a forced favor from a friend, but I have grown to love the little naughty furball. But I have noticed that since his presence in my life, I have not had one sustainable relationship. Not that droughts are completely new. There was the damning gray hole of 2000-2003. And a few lapses before that. But a good friend of mine gave her cat away with a warning that cats are “men repellent” which left me wondering.

At first, I “pppsssshhhh’d the statement. That’s ridiculous, I thought. Yet, each and every man that came to my house was allergic to cats. None of my girlfriends shared the allergy. It was the next date I had that asked with skepticism:
“You have a cat?”
I hesitated.
“You know what they say about women with cats, right? They’re crazy.”

Me? Crazy? Noooooo…. I assured him, while quietly contemplating if there was something to what my friend had said after all. Maybe women who buy or adopt cats have some pre- existing needs that the cat is supposed to fill. Perhaps cats offer some allure to a particular brand of crazy woman. I felt reassured that my pet cat had not been my decision, so clearly I couldn’t be ‘that crazy cat lady.’ But does having a cat make you become one? Or was the cat drawn to me through some sort of fateful twist of events? Was I his rightful ‘crazy lady’ owner? Am I stepping into a preordained destiny of old cat lady loneliness? Just what is it about cats that drive men away?

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