Becoming With JOY

by Iyeoka

She is becoming aware of you Joy.

This kind, mindful disposition you seem to experience

is triggering her deeper needs.

Sometimes when you are away from her

she fantasizes of gracefully becoming you.

She experiences making choices to be present with you.

Cleaning with joy, digging out of discomfort with joy,

walking with joy, breathing, keeping in touch with nature,

creating with joy, moving forward with mindfulness,

exercising rhythms

like drum, drum, drum

tap, tap-tap

letting the sweat drip.

In her dreams she can taste this fever.

She never knew transformation could move so fast.

She can smell you right now.

This is

how close.

She becomes.


that all of what is

ever meant to

remain will always

Be here.

The Other Woman

by Reese Green

You’re so close, it’s a matter of inches… maybe even less.

Yet so far because you are unavailable.

The first person to make me wish I could be “the other woman”

Thereby making you a cowboy in your own right, simply b/c you are making me ride through a new and unknown territory of my personality.

Wanting to see the look that burns holes in her eyes,

Feel the touch that makes her skin tremble,

Hear the sultry sound of your bedroom voice that tickle her ear lobes.

Taste the lost in love kisses that her mouth savors.

Your presence excites and saddens me,

Your attention warms then chills me.

Worse, your hands on me melt me then harden me.

Every contradiction you make me feel, makes me want you more.

Torture must be gentler than this dichotomous hurricane.

A new painful learning experience in my life.

For that I despise you, but only until you say something that makes me laugh out loud and look away.

Get out of my head, no wait, come back… no no, you should go.

Before it was so easy to harshly judge those women who wanted someone taken,

Now I almost admire their ravenous ability to feast on sloppy seconds

Dare I say I

Envy their ability to disregard another woman’s claim on a heart?

Gawk at the flirty audacity that they wear as if it were priceless jewelry.

As much as it pains my body and lips to say, I still cannot now or ever, be the other woman.

Why?  Must you even ask?!  Because the karmic black hole that would open in my universe is not worth even your touch Mr. Unavailable.

I live in the fabric of sisterhood, thread myself in her intricacies, warm myself in her glow… how can I be a traitor to myself?

So good night, good riddance and although my body is cursing me out; my dignity is hugging me close; my self-respect is kissing my forehead; both are smiling as they whisper, “you GO girl”

Poems for She: Believe in breathing.

by  Iyeoka

To resume journey,

live in this world.

Believe in breathing.

Be better than famous.

BE on your own terms.

Hunt truth so deliberate

Alice Walker

starts writing comeback poems

about how Truth you have become.

Replace mud and dust

with mind and clear light.

Begin basic training

in the mostly profound path.

Let rib cage expand


Let love find it’s way in.

Label your next level of

imagination a synonym.

Feel warmth of

true nirvana flood

the roots of your


The Death of Me

The Death Of Me

Im dying the same death
Im dying the same death
Over and over
In tears, sweat, vomit, bullshit, numbness and
Cycles that expand and contract
Picking up dust
Letting off steam
Rolling nowhere
Through clouds and waves
Laughter and thunder
Looking watching wanting waiting
Wanting waiting wanting
Wading through heaven and treachery
Murky deep confusion
Feels nice
The stinging
Hot cold
Im sinking
Floating down or rising above
But always in between
Kicking dancing
The same routine I’m a master
A death pro
Had an audience
Dark blue faces I don’t remember
They haunt me they want me
The same desire as I
Its putrid, stagnant
Stuck still in the edge of a cycle rolling
Always back around coming
And going
and in between dying
the same death
and crying the last breath in between
the last lesson unlearned
before and in between after
and always again
never stops
the clocks rock in a mirror of eternity
and rolling
revealing the same steps
and dying the same death
so easy
so right
facing death, ending life
over and over
and what will I give?
What will I sacrifice?
Only myself.
Over and over
I’m dying the same death
Until I’m dead…

Simple Revelation

by KAR
Here I sit
by myself
little old
a distant deep
and quiet
a noiseless
I love the steady rhythm
the gleam within my paths
endless in one direction
and I never have to ask
I sit
by myself
yet it has always been this way
the same stone that used to trap me
is my pedestal today
I can’ t stop my smiling
each new thing
Is not quite what it seemed
it feels good with no dead questions
only life to span each wing
the bright and breadth I hadn’ t noticed

I had never looked before
sore eyes tired, life too busy
in the constant search for more
But somewhere in the dim of dawn
a quiet called my name
I let go
of grasping hands
and looked at what remained
An end and a beginning
I sat suddenly
in awe
the vastness set before me.
the freedom of it all.
Here I sit
by myself
little old me
nothing to stop
my naked dance
or tame my harmony
a woman’ s revelation
there’ s nothing more I need
all paths in one direction….